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  • Inserting sim and battery

    Posted on April 15th, 2009 B4 No comments

    The battery is supposed to go in the back of the phone, along with the sim card. How to get it there… this I do not understand.

    The T-mobile G1 is not an easy phone to open.

    First you must flip the phone open to reveal the keyboard. There is a small rectangular latch which is to be pried open. When looking at a closed phone, the latch is on the top, when looking at the phone when the keyboard is visible, the latch is on the left.

    I slid my fingernail underneath the latch and tried to pry it open. It would move and detatch on the top section of the phone, but was still firmly attached to the bottom section. I puzzled over this for quite a while. 15 hours to be exact (although to give me a little credit, it was overnight). After my failed attempts to open the G1 myself,  I asked a friend for help. The answer was simple. I was only missing the last step of the process. Force.

    The T-mobile G1 has a secret… it likes it rough.

    After inserting the sim card and battery, I replaced the back of the phone. Be sure to click it into place all the way around, it seems to have many clicking points.

    After discovering that my G1 isn’t a pansy phone, I encountered no further problems.