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  • Contacts – Adding or Transferring

    Posted on April 18th, 2009 Lore No comments

    If you’re a pre-existing T-mobile customer and you’re upgrading to the G1, you’ll be transferring your sim card over. If not, we need to go over the process of adding new contacts so that when that hottie at the club is wasted enough to hand over the digits, you know what to do with them.

    The G1 is a life force of it’s own, you can’t just buy it and expect to be fast friends right away. It’s a sophisticated device and requires you to prove you’re not a complete dumbass right from the get go. It needs to make sure you’re on the same level of intelligence, before it commits itself to performing your mundane human tasks.

    The G1 home screen should have a clock and some icons on the front, one of those should read ‘Contacts’. You can also find the ‘Contacts’ icon inside the little gray tab by placing your finger on it and sliding upwards. The ‘Contacts’ icon on the home screen works just fine though.

    How to import contacts into the T-mobile G1

    Touch the ‘Contacts‘ icon
    Press the Menu button
    Touch the ‘Import Contacts‘ option
    The screen should now say “Importing Contacts from SIM

    How to add a new contact to the G1 phone

    Touch the ‘Contacts‘ icon
    Press the Menu button
    Touch the ‘New Contact‘ option
    Flip open the keyboard
    Type the person’s name
    You can either use the roller ball or touch screen to select the next box
    Enter phone number

    I will reiterate again, the T-mobile G1 is not a dumbass, it’s a multi functional hand held technelogical lifeline.

    On the ‘Add contact‘ screen you’ll notice a lot more options for information. Throw away the PDA if you had one, it’s now been rendered useless.

    You can add your contacts e-mail address, give them a distinct ringtone and hit the check mark to send all their calls to voice mail, your own personal reject hotline.

    Next there is a ‘More Info‘ button, touch it… I dare ya.

    “Select Label” here are your options of what to enter, based on their label.

    Phone – Home, Mobile, Work, Work Fax, Home Fax, Pager, Other, Custom

    E-mail – Home, Work, Other, Custom

    IM – AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo, Skype, QQ, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber

    Postal address – Home, Work, Other, Custom

    Other – Organization, Note

    That is an insane amount of information to have on anyone in your contact list.